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The links above will take you to our Membership Roster, sorted by the indicated categories.  Each list contains hundreds of links and may take several moments or several minutes to open the first time, depending upon your Internet access speed. 


Personal Stories and web pages of our members are accessed by clicking the "Go" link to the right of most of the names on the roster. 


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, you can use it as a handy email list of our members.  Just click the "Send" link to the right of most names on the roster.



Join Us


If you were in Vietnam and in a unit that was on, or even remotely connected to LZ Russell, then please fill out our Combat Membership Form and join us.  We need to know you made it. This includes family and friends of those who were there and didn't make it back.  There are no fees, or membership dues.  If you weren't connected to LZ Russell, but would like to join our Association and participate in our events, then please fill out our Associate Membership Form


Pitch In


Thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars have gone in to the creation and maintenance of LZ Russell Association, Inc. and its 2,000+ page web site.  Every bit of the money and work was donated by our members.  No one working for LZ Russell is paid a red cent for what they do, yet the LZ Russell Association has done some pretty magnificent things, considering our small number of members:



We have built one of the Web's most respected Vietnam War Historical Web Sites...and it is all about you;


Provided a communications network where our members can find each other, share the memories and their bond of Brotherhood and, for many, put to rest those questions and emotions that have plagued them since their time in Vietnam;


Built personal web pages for all of our combat members who sent in information at no charge to them whatsoever for design or hosting on the web.


Assisted many of our members in getting the help they need for PTSD and other combat related injuries.  Our web site and association is recognized by universities and medical institutions throughout the world for creating a unique effective healing experience for those suffering combat related PTSD.


Created reunion meetings to allow us to come together, face to face, to experience the wonderful difference this makes in our lives.  This has helped to put a new and positive feeling in our hearts when we think of the name "LZ Russell".


Built a Kindergarten School House in Vietnam, helping to shape the minds of future citizens of our World;


Continue to sponsor a Vietnamese university student and may even get her a scholarship at a U.S. university; 


Provided support for our troops overseas with moral boosting care packages;


Provided Marine Corps Dress Blue Uniforms for young Marines related to our members who could not otherwise afford them.


Of course, we have helped each other, physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually in hundreds of ways.


...and more.


An enormous amount of work was put in to these operations by a few of our combat, honorary and associate members...and it wasn't cheap!  Equipment, software and web hosting costs for our web site will approach $10 Thousand Dollars for this year alone...not to mention our humanitarian, reunion, communication and administrative costs.  Yet, only about 10% of our members have actually sent us a donation.  That's right, only 10%.  That amounts to an average donation of more than $1,000 dollars per member who actually donated to the LZ Brotherhood this year and you can be assured that most of those could not send $1,000 dollars.  So the greater part of the burden fell on about 4 people in our Brotherhood.


We cannot expect everyone to pitch in with their time and effort to send a few emails, do some editing, make some phone calls, write some letters, or otherwise help build and maintain our web site and association.  Most of us are still working and some are so busy we don't have 2 hours a week to devote to a great cause that we are all part of.


Most of us have an income, but very few of us are wealthy enough to be able to donate thousands of dollars without it taking a serious toll on our living necessities. Yet, some of us have done exactly that for our LZ Russell Brothers. We cannot expect everyone to be able to send donations to pay our operating costs.  Some of us just cannot afford it.  Still, if every one of our members had donated $7.50 a month this year, that would have covered our expenses completely.  If you are like most of us, forking over 4 or 5 Thousand just isn't in the cards.  But $10 or $20 bucks a month would go very, very far toward helping keep this Brotherhood doing the great things we do.


We were so busy building the web site and administering the association that we didn't talk about it much, so most of you probably didn't know any of this. 


Now you do.


We are a Brotherhood that is here for you.  Won't you be here for your Brothers?


You are one of us.


Please help.





You can donate by credit card, debit card, or directly out of your checking account by clicking the PayPal button.





Make a check out to:




And send it to:


Robb Mitchell

Merrill Lynch

510 HWY A1A

Ponte Vedra, FL 32082


Please do not send cash


The LZ Russell Association is a legal 501( c )(3) Non Profit Corporation.

All donations qualify for Federal Income Tax Deductions


If you have further questions about donations, please contact Robb Mitchell by email,

or by phone at his office: (904) 273-3833




Roster Home Last Name Unit State

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