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The men you will encounter in this web site are American Heroes.  Some were killed while they were still teenagers while others lived long lives with serious disabilities and heartbreaking memories.  Many entered civilian life and became successful after the war, while some built distinguished military careers.  Most lived happily, while others struggled with disabilities and dark memories that plagued every aspect of their lives; as if their life had been absorbed into a similar but confusing new reality.  One, that we know of, ended up in prison for life and two have taken their own lives...war casualties all.
Many have found our web site and joined our association, but many more have not.  Some are too troubled with dark memories even to participate in the experience of this association, but they are few.  The great majority of our members have indicated that their precipitation has answered many of the questions they had after leaving Vietnam.  Almost every member has said they have found healing in sharing memories and engaging in charitable work with their Brothers. 
Americans have many definitions for success, but no one can argue that whatever life these men may have led, after the war, they became the ultimate success in their willingness to serve their country when called to do so...even when there were doubts about the wisdom of the call.  Their act was not one of simple patriotic zeal, because that wore off the moment the blood began to spill.  Their act was in their willingness to put themselves in harms way and risk their own life for the good of others.  They expressed this honor and commitment in the face of a reality few on Earth can imagine...a reality that seals their brotherhood in blood and commits them to serve our nation and each other forever.  These men are supreme examples of the finest in humanity and it is my sacred honor to serve them.
Skip Poindexter


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